Online-Consultation & Supervision

Web-based ConsultationThe online-consultation is a web-based support for parents, students, professionals and individuals with Autism. It has been shown to be a good strategy for providing fast and effective help to affected children, adolescents and young adults. Through clips of everyday situations, school- or therapy settings help is directly linked to the reality of the affected individual in his or her natural environment.

Supervision is also offered for candidates for the German Autism Certificate as well as RBTs (Registered Behavior Technicians) or BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysists) who need supervision hours for keeping their certification.

What is the focus of consultations?
The consultation focuses on the following:

  • Consultation, training and supervision of parents and their home-teams as well as co/therapists, students and teachers.
  • Consultation of affected adolescents and adults
  • Analysis of behavior problems and development of behavior plans
  • Development of Individual Education plans
What are the advantages of online-consultation?
Online-consultation has the following advantages:
  • Consultation in the home
  • Shorter waiting-lists, no need for traveling, less cost
  • Time-savings for consultant as well as the family and their teams
  • Improved understanding of complex behavior problems through filmed behavior across different settings
  • Easy feedback to supervisees through videos of co-/therapists or trainees
  • Direct assessment of progress

What is parents´ feedback?
(Names have been changed)

  • A mother sent the following email after a Tele-Consultation session:
    There are many changes in Tim and today we practiced the "ee" - unfortunately without camera. He once actually produced the best possible "ee" and was so thrilled!

  • Feedback sent by the teacher after I suggested during a skype session to use vicarious conditioning:
    Today swimming went very well. Tanja had taken off her shoes quickly, but I had to help with her socks. Since her neighbor, Patty, had already undressed independently I gave Patty a piece of chocolate. Watching this Tanja made some extra effort and for the first time in her life she took off her pants and her underpants all by herself. I was so happy to give her the rest of the chocolate bar.

  • Email by a mother one week after a team-meeting about the ongoing stereotypic pretending of her son to drill (with various fantasy objects):
    I am happy to report the good news that Fabian´s interest in the "drill-time" (with a real toy drill) is increasingly vanishing. While he keeps asking now and then, when the "drill-time" will be, he accepts the arranged reply "Drill time is 6:00pm". When it is about that time he usually no longer wants to play with the toy drill, but comes up with alternatives, such as baking with me with the mixer or playing with the iPad. He now varies his wishes and tends to accept time-limits. If he decides on playing with the drill, he is usually done within ten minutes.

  • After 1 ½ year of Tele-Consultation a mother reported about the first successful IQ-test of her son:
    I am so relieved that Jannik has participated and that this result has been possible. Whenever there are doubts about him I now have a good proof of his "normal functioning level". This also demonstrates how much he has learned during the last year, especially regarding his concentration and his motivation to work on activities other than his favorites.

  • After visiting the office for Social and Youth Affairs, which acknowledged another year of funding for the home-training, a mother wrote:
    The staff were very kind and mentioned that they never thought, Marcel would develop this well. Due to the good intervention, he now would be much better off than comparable children. They asked to be informed about his future development, for example his job-training. This way they could benefit from our pioneering efforts and could share this with other families.

Should you have any further questions,
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