Welcome to the ABT-Center of Dr. Vera Bernard-Opitz

Zentrum für Autismus-spezifische VerhaltensTherapie in HildesheimThe Center for Autism-specific Behavior Therapy (ABT) offers consultation, training and supervision to professionals, parents, students and individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The Center is based Irvine, CA but consultation available to clients worldwide via Skype.
Zentrum für Autismus-spezifische VerhaltensTherapie in HildesheimTo provide effective help for children, adolescents and adults, Dr. Bernard-Opitz uses behavioral methods which are based on scientific evidence and which are considered ‘best practice’ methods.
We have developed a new international information network to give parents, affected persons and colleagues an insight into current topics in the field of autism and evidence-based therapy methods.
Zentrum für Autismus-spezifische VerhaltensTherapieFor this purpose, blogs, trailers on therapy methods as well as free downloads of materials in German and English are available. A wide range of relevant guidance and practical solutions for individuals with Autism is also available through her talks, workshops and books.

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