Web-based ConsultationTele-Consultation is a support service for parents and professionals which offers help with understanding behavior problems and developing adequate behavioral intervention methods. Children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), learning and intellectual disabilities have benefited from this service. Parents, home-teams, therapists or teachers are either supervised directly through Skype or receive feedback on video samples. Behavior problems, skill profiles as well as long- and short-term goals are discussed. Individualized intervention methods and learning programs are recommended.

This program assures that recommended treatments are used, that learning opportunities are not lost and that daily frustration does not increase. Consultation tends to center on the following topics:

  • Functional behavior analysis and treatment of behavior problems
  • Matching specific behavioral interventions to the individual
  • Development of an individual educational plan (IEP)
  • Individual skill development and social skill training groups for
    preschools, schools and treatment centers

Why is Tele-Consultation helpful?
Many children with ASD do not receive the help they urgently need. Waiting lists for treatment are often long; centers are not always nearby and often the latest research findings are not included in available therapeutic or educational services.

Tele-Consultation has been shown to be an effective way to close service gaps and to offer children and adolescents with ASD competent help independent of their location. Often consultation complements the ongoing services by local specialists.

Who can benefit from Tele-Consultation?
Parents and professionals have been extremely satisfied with Tele-Consultation: Children and adolescents tend to learn faster and are more motivated. Therapists say that after a few sessions, they have a better understanding of how best to apply their treatments. Some especially value that web-based therapy and consultation make use of the most current research and correspond to best practice treatment guidelines. Parents say that they receive the help they need to better understand their child´s behavior problems and to normalize behavior. They feel comfortable getting expert advice in their home, be it to develop meaningful skills or to receive appropriate teaching materials. For many people, receiving help through the computer is a better solution than traveling long distances and waiting for a long time for busy specialists.

A word of caution though: It is understood that parents should be careful with new technologies. Web-based consultants should have extensive experience with individuals with ASD and should be qualified to work with this population as Clinical Psychologists, BCBAs, and/or TEACCH/PECS trainers. In addition, all involved should be open to working together via web-based consultation and related technical options.
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